Confidentiality and Security Taken Seriously

Count on the Closing Table® to be both secure and reliable, from documents to infrastructure.

Your Closing Table site is internally protected against unauthorized access across client sites. Documents are always private and secure with access restricted to users who have been granted appropriate permission. You control and can change access as you require, 24/7.

A truly automated system, we feature electronic signing of real estate documents that is legally binding and secure, providing substantial protection against non-repudiation. To digitally sign a document, a signer must create a secret PIN code that only they know and can access.

At the server level, the Closing Table is equipped with the same state-of-the-art security applications and processes used by numerous Fortune 500 companies who require a high level of IT infrastructure trustworthiness.

Our systems are located in data facilities equipped with redundant power supplies, including additional on-site power generation capability, and each facility has redundant cooling systems. Monitored 24/7, our hosting facilities are protected by traditional locks, proximity card readers, biometric access controls, and video surveillance.

Security - Closing Table Server
The Closing Table® runs on servers with the same
security used by Fortune 500 companies.

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