About Us

About The Closing Table companyFounded in 2000, the Closing Table provides an efficient, secure document and transaction management system for lawyers/attorneys, brokers and other real estate and business firms. The primary goals of our comprehensive, 100% online closing system are: ease of use, reliability and data integrity. Passionate about transforming current real estate transactions and closings into a paperless process, we offer our clients the benefit of years of intimate knowledge of commercial real estate industry experience, translated to a cloud-based, platform-independent technology, transforming your current closing and real estate transactional processes into a paperless and efficient operation. Take a tour now.

The Closing Table senior staff each have over 30 years of experience in real estate law and real estate technology. Based in Santa Monica, California, the Closing Table currently hold two issued patents on online closings: (U.S. Patents #7085735 and #7596511).